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Do̧n'͏t plày t́h̸i͏s ga̕me̵ af͞ter͏ ͠Ya͞nd͝e҉rę ̶Si̡mu͟lato̶r ̡(B͡e͏cause th̀e ̨contr͠o̸l̶s͝ ar͘e d҉iff́eren͞ţ!)

You should have low/medium cursor speed to play this game

This game recommended to be 18 or older to play this (If you are younger then 18... You have been warned!)

(All rights to ILLUSION and Unity)

In game assets that i use:

Aoi Character Pack (by Game Asset Studio) (I got that model freely from Github site, thanks to the creator of project-ninja)

Taichi Character Pack (by Game Asset Studio) (It's free in Unity Asset Store)

Laura Bailey's Voice Clips (From Random Games) on Nakano Yurika...

Japanese School Buildings, Gym, Infirmary, Cafeteria (From Unity Asset Store) (I got it from russian site called "u3d.at.ua")

Roblox (When equipping the katana and swinging it)

Skyrim (Bethesda)

Cafe building from  Unity Asset Store (It was free)

Honoka Character Pack (by Game Asset Studio) (I got it from one site by typing from search "Honoka unitypackage")

Satomi Character Pack (by Game Asset Studio) (I got it from one site by typing from search "Satomi Character Pack unitypackage")

Some models (by Druelbozo, CrushCrushDX/Sad Panda Studio,QvajAngel, some from YanSim's volunteers)

Hairs (by ILLUSION, i used SB3Utility to get models and used blender to make custom materials on it)

Animations (by ILLUSION, by Game Asset Studio, by Unity Asset Store users, by me)

Anime grass texture (by Doug Clayton) (badly cropped and scaled by Evaxephon (Alex Mahan), ripped and flipped by me)

The music are taken from epicdemicsound,maoudmashii,Kevin Macleod,neosounds,NEKKI (Lind Erebros "Михаи́л Анато́льевич Ко́стылев"'s made musics), Compile Heart and Idea Factory,Origa (Remix by M Maruta), Sonnori (Roi Games)

The voice of Nakano Yurika: Kazuha (From Artificial Academy 2 ILLUSION) and Female Voice Player Type 2 (From SAO: Fatal Bullet), Laura Bailey

The loading music from  Tsuki sayu Yoru - Fu rin Ka zan (RiveR Remix)

Yandere: Past Diary is not a fan game... So exactly here is...


W,A,S,D - Movement (Mostly moves forward only... Depends on mouse rotation to go left/right, do not press W and A or W and S or W and D or A or S or A and D or S and D or D and S at the same time! It prevents the character moving)

C - Crouch (Do not spam, it damages the stamina)

Left Ctrl - Giggle (It restores health, but don't press instantly it causes instant death)

Up/Down - Teleport Controller and Fly Controller

Shift - Sprint (Do not spam, it can cause instant death, having half stamina bar can use the character getting tired of running just release the button to make the character resting from running)

K - Telekinesis (Only works at NPCs)

E - Interact (Like open doors, Take items)

ESC - To open menu (This does not pause the game!)

T - Teleport (Toggles an circle to control Up, Down, W, A, S, D, Hit Enter to finish placing the place for teleporting)

Z - To Shout Unrelenting Force (Fus Ro Dah), To eat food.

L - Suicide (When holding katana like weapon only)

Y - Invisibility (Needs 1 or more Vampire Dusts, do not spam by pressing it)

O - Toggle wait menu (Left and Right to put how long time you can wait and press enter to activate)

F11 - To Screenshot (You'll see your screenshot on "Yandere Past Diary_Data" Folder

Q - Drop weapon,item (Do not drop 2 weapons,items at the same time it causes a big bug of game that may can't be fixed)

1,2,3,4,5 - Weapon Switch (Warning! This can freeze your game!)

F - Fly (Prevents fall damage if it is on, do not toggle if you have low stamina)

R - Dodge

Mouse Wheel/Scroll - Zoom in/Zoom out camera

Enter - Submit/Activate/Skip The Text

Left Mouse - Attack (Only when holding weapon)

Yandere: Past Diary game's timeline is pretty unknown... But it's pretty known that the female protagonist "Nakano Yurika" which is a demon with yandere type has unique powers that pretty unknown for Yandere Hunters...

The demon like Nakano Yurika info: https://scout25.itch.io/ypd/devlog/65949/the-demons-like-nakano-yurika-info

(If the game will be finished... It will be free in itch.io... Paid only in my deviantart account)

In japanese language of logo game is: ヤンデレ:過去日記 (Yandere: Kako Nikki) (There would be logo in japanese... But i need to edit it)

In russian language of logo game is: Яндере Дневник Времени (Sorry for bad russian language or something like, i just like to make an subbed language version and there would be logo in russian... But i need to edit it)

System Requirements:

Memory (RAM):

Low: 4 GB RAM (It terribly lags in 2 GB!)

Recommended: 8 GB RAM (It a bit lags on 4 GB!)

Windows Version:

Low: Windows 7 (64-Bit)

Recommended: Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

If you want to donate me: https://www.deviantart.com/xx-xelizax-xx/?givepoints

(The game was build in Windows 8.1.... So it may can lag..... Still can lag if you have more then 8 GB RAM)

If you want to screenshot a game, post here as a comment: https://scout25.itch.io/yandere-past-diary/devlog/40176/game-screenshots


Yandere Past Diary (Past Diary) named is based on Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), but it's totally reverse...  

Don't mind of sarcastic screenshots hahahahaha

If you see any bugs... Please do not report them to YandereDev! Contact to me only: thehedgehogs917@gmail.com

Some quotes of characters: https://scout25.itch.io/ypd/devlog/65721/some-quotes-of-characters

Have fun looking at scared faces of Youtubers, fufufu: https://scout25.itch.io/ypd/devlog/65821/the-face-of-scared-youtubers

My patreon if you want to become my patron: https://www.patreon.com/Scout25

Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date in 9 years
AuthorRachel (Scout25)
Tags3D, 3rd-person, Anime, Horror, kako, kako-nikki, nikki, Unity, yandere, yandere-past-diary
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Interactive tutorial

Install instructions

1. Turn off the Anti-Virus (allow the popup!) before downloading... After downloading run the zip archive

2. Extract the zip...

3. Wait (For the moment until the all files extracted to 100%)

4. Test it (Enjoy if that worked)

If that is not worked contact to me: thehedgehogs917@gmail.com

You'll require winrar for that: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm


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